​​This is not a water treatment system. This novice technology evolves around using drinking water ready to be delivered to homes by adding an extra step to enhance and extract additional water properties.      

Used by Fire department & Emergency services (Police, Military, Security), Vehicle Equipment, Transportation, Energy providers (Oil, Gas, Chemicals), Heating , Sanitary, Interior Construction, Hazard Area , Outdoor  Recreations  

Widely used in Automotive& Garage Equipment Sector, Dental Sector, Food & Beverage Applications,  Water Treatment & Filtration Applications.

​​​Aquablaster has wide operating parameters and can be used on anything from the heaviest coatings applied to steel to work as delicate as cleaning old timber or soft stonework to removing gel coats from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) boat hulls. 

Blago fittings are used in a variety of sectors with high pressure & temperature surroundings, in various industrial & fluid processes.

Chemical, petrochemical, offshore, oil & gas, shipping, food & dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

​​Well suited for service in extreme environments subjected to high pressure and kinetic energy, corrosion.

Automotive, Industrial & Aerospace testing, Petrochem,  Water & Waste Water, Subsee, Flush & Sanitary. 

Special kinds of pressure gauges & thermometers used in petrochemical, fiber, metallurgy, food, pharmacy, fine chemicals, science &research industry sectors. 

Typical areas of use are cashier points, reception areas, enquiry & customer service desks. The hearing aid wearer within approximately 1m radius of the KTP Microloop System will hear what is being said clearly.  

​High quality hydraulic & power transmission components servicing the mobile and industrial markets.

Best solutions  & services for applications in general industry, test rigs, lubrication, heavy engineering, renewable energies, naval engineering, offshore engineering, aviation systems, emerging technologies & mobile plant 

​​Your partner for everything relating to water and the house; powerful pumps of highest quality&safety for large units and special industrial requirements.

Mobile & industrial hydraulic machinery, commercial & special purpose vehicles, rail transportation & energy technology, marine, oil and gas applications and in the process, food and chemical industries.

​World-leading supplier of engines and complete power systems for marine and industrial applications.​​

​Aerospace ground support / Agricultural / Automotive / Forestry / CNC machining / Construction / Hydraulic repair & rebuild / Marine / Materials handling / Military / Mining  &  Quarrying / Oil and Gas / Power plants / Steel and paper mills / Truck and Bus / Municipal vehicles

The A.F.S.S. stops the damages faster and with a lesser loss of property value thus improving recovered value of property salvaged post incident. Other extinguishing systems continue to damage property during the suppression of fire. The A.F.S.S system does not have any harmful effect on people during and after the suppression of fire

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Topland Specialist Products

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For over 5 years we have managed to build reliable strategic partnerships with leading European, American and New Zeland suppliers in the industry

​Altered Water ​- Blue Box Proprietary Technology that injects gas made of water into the system to extract and enhance water properties

​First chargeable lamps in the world, also suitable for explosion-proof areas. Over 100 patents registered. Bright, Rechargeable LED Lamps, Light weight LED Lamps, Explosion and Water Proof, Shock and Vibration Resistant  Lamps

Air Preparation Units & Regulators for air treatment / Pressure Switches & Accessories / Solenoid valves & Pneumatic valves / Metal & Technopolymer Valves / Manifold Bars for valves / Panel Mounting actuators / Coils & Connectors / Hand Switch Valves / One touch fittings / Speed Controllers /  Hand, Ball & Auxiliary Valves / Silencers / Cartridge Cylinders / Short Stroke Cylinders / Rod Lock Cylinders​

​​Wet Abrasive Blasting: Aquablaster - 100L; 200L, 600L & 1000L units available for long hours of duty in ship repair yards;  Superstripper is the most powerful Ultra High Pressure hand-held dust-free abrasive blasting tool. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting: Ragworm can cut up oil storage tank bottoms up to 20 times faster than conventional oxy-acetylene - with no flame or sparks (UHP water at 2,750 bar/40,000 psi), Aquacutter is an UHP Water for accurate safe “cold cutting” in hazardous environments or difficult materials including steel, concrete

​​High Pressure Hydraulic Compression Fittings (Stainless steel & Bras) / Pipe Clamps / Breathers & Relieve Valves / Oil Level Indicators / Lubricating Nipples / Sight Glasses & Windows / Valves 

Industrial Pressure & Temperature Gauges / Differential Gauges / Mud Gauges / Industrial Grade Thermometers  / Diaphragm Seals  

​​Pipe & Weld Fittings / Quick Connect /  Ball Valves (1,000-10,000 psi) / Needle Valves (300-10,000 psi) / Check  & Relief Valves / Filter & Plug Valves / Gauge & Manifolds  

High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transducers / Cryogenic Pressure Transducer / High Pressure High Temperature Pressure Transducer / Extreme High-Temperature Transmitter / Subsea Pressure Level Transducer.

​​Pressure Gauges, Pressure Gauges with Electric Contact, Solid Front Safety Pressure Gauges (STS body, IP65 protection, explosion proof), Magnetic Differential, Differential Pressure Gauges / Bimetal Thermometers / Transmitters

Piston Pumps, Gear Pumps, Vane Pumps, Cylinders and Power Take off Products  

​High quality hydraulic particle counters and accessory products for portable, in-line and laboratory contamination monitoring applications - LPA2 Twin Laser Particle Analysers / ICM In-line Contamination Monitors / Bottle Sample Kits /  GRF Offline Filtration Units

​​​Domestic Technology: Booster Units, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Stage & Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps, Borehole, Cistern, Multipurpose, Piston, Side Channel, Plastic Submersible,  Heating & Circulation Pumps; Industrial Technology: Normblock , Regenerating Turbine, Vacuum, Heat Transfer, Rotary Vane, Gear, Multistage Ring Section, Process Sewage Water Pumps, BluSystems 

Clamps, Tube Connectors, Flanges, Hose Connectors, Quick Release Couplings, Valves, Test Couplings&Adapters,  Diagnostics, Filtration Technology, Hydraulic Accessories

Volvo Engines: Crankshaft Power 370 hp - 1,000 hp, Related rpm 2,250 rpm - 3,500 rpm, Displacement 5.5L - 12.8L

Hydraulic Components: Glow Control, Directional Control, Check/Shut-off, Pressure Relief Valves. 
Flow Condition Monitoring: Hydraulic Flow Indicators, Transmitters & Switches / Multi-purpose Flow Monitors, Transmitters & Switches. ​Portable Test Equipment: Hand-held Dataloggers & Sensors / Portable Hydraulic Testers (Builtin, Separate readout). Test Stand Instrumentation: Gear flow meters / Hydraulic Data Acquisition Systems / Pressure, Temperature & Speed Sensors / Turbine Flow Meters & Loading Valves / Panel Mount Readouts

WCH Aeronautics is the fore front of Acoustic Fire Suppression System Technology that uses aggressive technologies to destroy the cycle of combustion. Acoustic Fire Suppression System Technology is the first green fire suppression system since natural water. Unlike other fire control technologies, it is harmless to equipment, documents and human beings