Innovative Solutions

WCH Aeronautics

Proprietary technology developed in the USA.

WCH Aeronautics is the forefront of Acoustic Fire Suppression System Technology that uses aggressive technologies to destroy the cycle of combustion. By reducing heat and oxidizers, the fire is unable to continue its existence. It does so by using acoustic frequencies to oscillate oxygen particles away from a combustion fuel source and using sound pressure to move heat.

Acoustic Fire Suppression System Technology is the first green fire suppression system since natural water. Unlike other fire control technologies, it is harmless to equipment, documents and human beings. Furthermore, the A.F.S.S. does not suppress a fire using substances that can further damage equipment, data or possessions. It is able to control a fire with no collateral damage from fire control techniques.


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Altered Water 

Blue Box Proprietary Technology, developed in the USA, that injects gas made of water into the system to extract and enhance water properties.

This is not a water treatment system. This novice technology evolves around using drinking water ready to be delivered to homes by adding an extra step to enhance and extract additional properties.

Water will then become:

Micro-clustered (with reduced surface tension) for better hydration, assimilation, detox;

Negatively (electromagnetically) charged making it an amazing antioxidant and provider of free electrons and hydroxyl ions to the living bodies and plants as a natural source of antioxidants;

Non Caustic Alkaline with PH14, without adding any chemicals.


  • Effective cleaning and sanitizing with NO adverse effects to the environment;
  • Fully biodegradable, Non caustic, Nonhazardous;
  • Substantial reduction in chemical use;
  • Reduced storage and handling costs associated with hazardous chemicals;
  • While washing - weight retention, No deterioration, No bacteria buildup, does Not affect color and maintains a softer hand on garments;
  • Hygienically clean, antibacterial, anti-fungi, reduces microbial buildup on equipment;
  • Improved waste / sewage water pipes;
  • No risk on fines for outgoing waste water Ph;
  • Less or No temperature needed for household washing and cleaning;
  • Cost reduction on ongoing maintenance challenges;
  • Improves efficiency in production and static neutralization

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Innovative Fleet Management Solution developed in the UK

Award-winning, government-supported performance monitoring device as a 'fitbit' for cars that gives drivers real time, in-cab coaching alongside a platform of incentives to reward their better driving.

How it works: Lightfoot connects to your vehicle’s computer. The device itself sits on your dashboard and uses lights and optional audio to tell you how efficiently you’re driving. If you are pushing your engine too far and driving inefficiently, you will see the lights go from green to red. As Lightfoot is connected directly to your car’s computer, it adjusts its feedback according to live engine data. This means you get bespoke guidance for your vehicle, your driving style, and the roads you’re driving on.

The benefits:

Save Money - Save 10-20% on your annual fuel bill. Reduce vehicle downtime by 45% to save on repairs and time lost.

Road Safety - Lightfoot drivers make the roads safer by having 40% fewer accidents (as verified by Allianz Insurance plc)

Carbon Footprint - Reduce vehicle emissions by as much as 20% (as verified by the University of Bath)

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IntelliTread™ Wireless Sensors & Monitoring Systems, developed in the USA, to monitor and report on vehicular tire tread wear in Real Time.

This innovative sensor technology uses carbon nanotubes (tiny cylinders of carbon atoms just one-billionth of a meter in diameter) that can track millimeter-scale changes in tread depth. The sensors could easily signal when it's time to replace tires or report information about uneven and often dangerous tire wear conditions.

The benefits:

Safety - IntelliTread can help prevent injuries and fatalities due to worn tires.

Efficiency - IntelliTread can transform the efficiency of tire design and use across the industry

Autonomy - IntelliTread ensures that tire wear in autonomous vehicles is safely monitored without human intervention


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A new mobile phone detection warning system developed in the UK.

The system comprises a sensor capable of detecting vehicles where there are active 2G, 3G and 4G phone signals, and an LED warning sign located a short distance along the road. As long as the activation meets certain pre-determined parameters, the sensor will pick up that a driver is using a phone for calling or data purposes and will activate the warning sign. This shows an illuminated mobile phone icon within a bright red circle and diagonal red line. The technology can detect if a driver is using Bluetooth, and will therefore not trigger the warning sign.

This device is purely about education, warning drivers and being able to identify when the driver was on the phone. It is the first such system to have a direct interaction with a mobile phone offender.


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