Innovative Solutions

Altered Water 

Blue Box Proprietary Technology, developed in the USA, that injects gas made of water into the system to extract and enhance water properties.

This is not a water treatment system. This novice technology evolves around using drinking water ready to be delivered to homes by adding an extra step to enhance and extract additional properties.

Water will then become:

Micro-clustered (with reduced surface tension) for better hydration, assimilation, detox;

Negatively (electromagnetically) charged making it an amazing antioxidant and provider of free electrons and hydroxyl ions to the living bodies and plants as a natural source of antioxidants;

Non Caustic Alkaline with PH14, without adding any chemicals.


  • Effective cleaning and sanitizing with NO adverse effects to the environment;
  • Fully biodegradable, Non caustic, Nonhazardous;
  • Substantial reduction in chemical use;
  • Reduced storage and handling costs associated with hazardous chemicals;
  • While washing - weight retention, No deterioration, No bacteria buildup, does Not affect color and maintains a softer hand on garments;
  • Hygienically clean, antibacterial, anti-fungi, reduces microbial buildup on equipment;
  • Improved waste / sewage water pipes;
  • No risk on fines for outgoing waste water Ph;
  • Less or No temperature needed for household washing and cleaning;
  • Cost reduction on ongoing maintenance challenges;
  • Improves efficiency in production and static neutralization



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SILVERbac technology provides the highest standard of silver-infused antimicrobial fabrics and coatings for a broad range of applications in the home and workplace.

Since Egyptian times, Silver has proven a potent antimicrobial and healing agent. Pure silver ionises whether the environment is humid or dry. When in contact with water or oxygen, silver emits ions which are attracted to the charge on microbes. Silver’s ions act by disrupting the respiratory and reproduction processes of the microbes.

Harmful bacteria can hide on untreated surfaces and within fabric fibres, making them difficult to remove and resulting in odour. Our patented technology uses pure silver infused directly into polymers and fibres, which then can be woven into fabrics used in a multitude of valuable everyday applications from an athlete’s tee-shirt to a hospital medical tube. SILVERbac technology keeps working throughout the life of the product, creating a lifetime of antimicrobial protection.


SILVERbac is different from any competitor’s materials because of the unique way the product is added during the extrusion process of polymers. The resulting product is perfect for all applications where confidence in hygiene and the fight against harmful bacteria is paramount.

SILVERbac is NOT a coating or a topical treatment. It is NOT padded or exhausted. It is incorporated into polymers at the point of manufacture and will be there for the lifetime of the product.

The SILVERbac antimicrobial additive is provided as a master batch and can be incorporated directly into the material’s manufacturing process with no additional changes or modifications to current industry standard equipment. Unique master batches are available for a broad range of polymers including polyester, nylon, PBT, ABS, PVC, and PP.

Since SILVERbac is encapsulated within the base polymer of the fibre used in textiles, its effectiveness won’t wear off or be washed out during laundering or cleaning and will last for the lifespan of the material. The look and feel is not affected.

Independently tested by accredited global laboratories, SILVERbac is effective against harmful pathogens including MRSA and E.coli.



SILVERbac works continuously across a range of environments to reduce bacteria and other harmful microbes. Encapsulated within the base polymer of the raw material and resistant to multiple washes, it will continue to be effective for the lifetime of the product.

Silver ions impact the respiratory and reproductive processes of microbes. These multiple assaults on individual microbes reduce the colony growth rate and eliminate bacteria buildup on surfaces that include SILVERbac.


Patented antimicrobial technology for textiles, plastics and coatings.


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Tire Tread Depth Sensors with Real-time, Direct Tread Wear Monitoring.

Safety: The IntelliTread™ tire tread sensor when combined with a tire pressure sensor can help prevent injuries and fatalities due to worn tires.

Efficiency: IntelliTread™ can transform the efficiency of tire design and use across the industry.

Autonomy: IntelliTread™ ensures that tire wear in autonomous vehicles is timely and accurately monitored without human intervention.

Tread Wear in Real Time - Tyrata is a science-based sensor and data management company offering wireless sensors and systems that act as tire tread wear indicators monitoring and reporting on vehicular tire tread wear in real time.

IntelliTread™ Technology -  IntelliTread™ technology monitors, tracks and predicts tread wear over the life of a tire.

Rubber Meets the Road Tyrata serves consumers, fleet management companies, and high-performance specialists who depend on the integrity of tires for safety, efficiency and profitability.

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A new mobile phone detection warning system developed in the UK.

The system comprises a sensor capable of detecting vehicles where there are active 2G, 3G and 4G phone signals, and an LED warning sign located a short distance along the road. As long as the activation meets certain pre-determined parameters, the sensor will pick up that a driver is using a phone for calling or data purposes and will activate the warning sign. This shows an illuminated mobile phone icon within a bright red circle and diagonal red line. The technology can detect if a driver is using Bluetooth, and will therefore not trigger the warning sign.

This device is purely about education, warning drivers and being able to identify when the driver was on the phone. It is the first such system to have a direct interaction with a mobile phone offender.


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ZERO MASS Water SOURCE is completely off-grid and self-contained, creating drinking water from just sunlight and air

SOURCE is a solar-powered and infrastructure-free drinking water solution. As a non-extractive water resource, SOURCE Hydropanels represent a first in transparency, resiliency, security, and quality. Whether at homes, schools, hospitals, or other institutions, SOURCE advances drinking water ownership, bypassing the need for other drinking water alternatives.
SOURCE is powered by an integral combination of solar photovoltaics and high-efficiency solar thermal. The electrical and thermal power is used to efficiently produce water in a modified psychrometric cycle even in some of the driest deserts in the world.

There is an inexhaustible amount of water vapour in the atmosphere. SOURCE combines sunlight and air to create an abundant supply of drinking water. Then SOURCE water is enriched with minerals to ensure great taste and health benefits. Unlike municipal or bottled water, SOURCE is without waste.

  • Easy installation and maintenance – requires 20 minutes for installation, does not require big manpower to operate
  • Cost effective – does not require consumable power or city regulated piping
  • Renewable Energy Source – 100% renewable energy
  • Environmental Friendly – uses existing natural resources Sunlight & Air. The amount of water vapour in the air surpasses and is refreshed daily at a rate that exceeds the amount of water extracted if we were to cover the entire planet in hydro-panels making it the only renewable supply of drinking water
  • Social Responsibility – access to safe water, 663 million people, roughly 10 % of the world’s population, lack access to safe water.
  • Can fill a vital need for drinking water in remote location, difficult to access regions: rescue camps, military base or makeshift communities.

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AVRT - Adaptive Virtual Reality Training 

The AVRT system is designed to manage any kind of scenario or decision-based training with an initial focus on armed confrontation for Police officers and similar roles. The development process was aided by collaboration and feedback from over 1,000 Police officers and Firearms Trainers.
With the AVRT unique free-roam system, the officer moves freely around which defines their position in the simulator. The weapon manages all actions and inputs into the scenario and should feel realistic to the officer in the system. This mix of the virtual and physical worlds is relatively new to the commercial market.

The system allows full interactivity with the scenario characters – within the realistic 3D environments, using the fully dynamic scenarios, an instructor can role-play against a user to really test their responses to a given situation.

Existing Police training methods, for decisions taken whilst armed, are fairly basic with unsuitable scenarios and difficult to obtain analytical data.

The AVRT plan has always been to collaborate with Police forces and address all of these shortcomings.