Smith of Derby

Smith of Derby clock design and creative engineering runs through every aspect of the business. The focus is on the values of the customer scheme and work through a simple three-stage process from ‘discovery’ through ‘creativity’ and ‘final delivery’. Smith of Derby design, build and install outdoor clocks and interior clocks all over the world. Their bespoke pieces can be found in clock towers, station clocks, clocks for municipal buildings, hotel clocks, airport clocks and outdoor and indoor clocks for universities. Smith of Derby offer a variety of elegant freestanding clocks, sometimes referred to as Pillar Clocks, Street Clocks and Post Clocks. There is also a vast range of analogue clock dials and hands templates available for manufacture and installation, or as supply only. Suitable for exterior and interior locations, they can be installed on virtually any wall surface, structure or frame. Sizes range from 460mm (1’6”) to 2,000mm (6’6”).


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SBM Plus

SBM Plus SAFETY CLEAN series is Japanese innovative technology. Every product is made of natural materials. It powerfully eliminates toxins & purifies the air. It is Eco-friendly, reliable & effective, useful & long lasting and simple to use.

324 Eco Pure - all-purpose spray formulated with the latest photocatalytic technology. 2 x oxidizing power of chlorine, but Eco-friendly. The only choice for quick disinfection & deodorizing. Oxide artificial light catalyst: applying artificial light catalyst to the oxidizing agent brings about a dramatic improvement in oxidative power and speed of effectiveness.

324 Eco Fresh - not just an air freshener. Accurately absorbs & purifies harmful substances such as formaldehyde & acetaldehyde, which cause sick house syndrome. 72 times more powerful than activated charcoal. Just place in places of concern such as inside the vehicle, in the bathroom, lockers, shoe racks, pet cages, etc... for powerful deodorization.


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Golf Skate Caddy

The Golf Skate Caddy (GSC) is gentler on the course, quieter than a traditional golf cart, more decadently decked out than most cars, and oh-so-easy-to-drive and it is super fun. Easy to ride (5 minute learning curve). Easily transported in your family sedan, hatchback, 4WD etc. Top speed <13mph.

Due to the relatively small ground contact area and a ground force pressure similar to a golfer on foot it has been demonstrated that the Golf Skate Caddy™ offers a significant reduction in course wear and tear and less maintenance compared to current popular modes of vehicular transport meaning more time for golf, and that’s important. In essence, it makes sense for both clubs and players to take charge, and tee up with the Golf Skate Caddy.


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