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Self-Check Color Changing Temperature Sticker Patch

A constant monitoring sticker thermometer that changes color according to body temperature


What Is A Color Changing Thermometer?

STICKY TEMP (USA) powered by PURI BAND (KOREA) is a self check temperature monitoring device that allows you to check your temperature through color variations, instead of using existing non contact or digital temperature indicators.

The big blind spot with only using the "scan to enter" solution is there is no way to actually "track" fevers throughout the day. The "scan to enter" solution, at only one exact moment, is not the overall best solution for many environments, as fevers come and go. For example, a one time temperature  scan for your employees children, patrons, or patients may tell you if they are "OK" at the moment, but as we know...a fever can begin to show its face from that moment on. The only way to cover this blind spot is through a simple, constant monitoring solution.

Our Solution is Continuous Monitoring. The Sticky Temp solution is a simple non-invasive constant temperature monitoring solution that works throughout the day lasting up to 3 days.

How It Works
  1. Remove a Sticky Temp patch off one of the sheets in your package.
  2. Place it on one of the 4 suggested locations (forehead, behind the ears, neck area, and inside of the wrist) on your body best for temperature monitoring.
  3. Next, simply monitor the color of your Sticky Temp sticker patch. It's that simple.



  • Provide a constant visual of your temperature and the temperature of those around you.
  • Sticker thermometers are able to immediately detect high fever, as soon as it is attached on your body.
  • Constant temperature monitoring throughout the day.
  • Simple and convenient.
  • Patented level 1 medical device.
  • Waterproof (Designed to last up to 48hours)

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SBM Plus

SBM Plus SAFETY CLEAN series is Japanese innovative technology. Every product is made of natural materials. It powerfully eliminates toxins & purifies the air. It is Eco-friendly, reliable & effective, useful & long lasting and simple to use.

324 Eco Pure - all-purpose spray formulated with the latest photocatalytic technology. 2 x oxidizing power of chlorine, but Eco-friendly. The only choice for quick disinfection & deodorizing. Oxide artificial light catalyst: applying artificial light catalyst to the oxidizing agent brings about a dramatic improvement in oxidative power and speed of effectiveness.

324 Eco Fresh - not just an air freshener. Accurately absorbs & purifies harmful substances such as formaldehyde & acetaldehyde, which cause sick house syndrome. 72 times more powerful than activated charcoal. Just place in places of concern such as inside the vehicle, in the bathroom, lockers, shoe racks, pet cages, etc... for powerful deodorization.



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SBM Plus

World's First Hydrogen Mg Powder Combination H2 Shampoo Bar. Main Ingredients is Hydrogen Mg Powder and it is patented.

Also contains 19 natural ingredients such as Aloe, Kelp Extract, Grape Seed Oil, Rosemary, Nettle, Sunflower Seed Oil, Gardenia Florida, Citrus, Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia, Charcoal, etc..

Hair Loss and Skin Ageing are mostly caused by clogged pores. Hydrogen Shampoo Bar helps to open the pores of packed scalp and skin and makes hydrogen, which is the main component of this product, penetrate and neutralise harmful active oxygen, which is the main cause of skin diseases and ageing.

Benefits of the Hydrogen Shampoo Bar:

  • This product contains hydrogen equivalent to 36 bottles of 500cl size (1.6 - ppm saturated hydrogen water);
  • Hydrogen combines with harmful reactive oxygen in the human body to turn into harmless water and antioxidants;
  • Prevents oxidation of scalp and skin, opens and cleanses the pores;
  • Moisturises the skin;
  • Compensates for necessary oil and maintains flexibility;
  • Keeps skin and scalp healthy and sebum controlled;
  • Suppresses dandruff and itching.


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Effective Antiviral Air Sterilizer, Cleaner, Purifier, Humidifier.

Sleek Modern Design | Effective Space Utilization | Inbuilt Dust Sensor & Gas Sensor |
Triple Filter Protection | Effectively Eliminates Various Germs, Mold, Ultra Fine Particles and Viruses including COVID-19.

Triple Filter Protection: Free Filter - to remove massive dust & animal hair, to block particles from pat & pollen. Activated Carbon Filter—Deodorizing Filter is designed as honeycomb and has many micro holes, to remove harmful gases & odors from paint, leather & furniture. HEPA Filter - H13 grade of original HEPA Filter of high performance - to remove 99.95% of ultra fine dust particles and cigarette fumes.
Air Sterilization Module: Equipped with a UVC sterilizer to remove viruses, including COVID-19 from the air. With Plasma Ionizer that releases plasma ions in the outgoing air to kill airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. Sterilizes 99% of bacteria and viruses in 30 minutes
Sensors: Sensor for Fine Dust - pm2.5 (detection of fine dust inflow rate 2.5µm or lower). Sensor for Harmful Gases - detection of CO2, greenhouse gas).

Dynair Specification: Color - Dalia Gold | Light Silver | Champaign Gold. Power - 220V ∼ 60Hz. Power Consumption - 15W. Applied Area - 19 ∼ 23m2. Product Type - Standing | Wall Mounted.

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Plasma Money Sanitizer

Banknotes are made of paper and fiber which is a favorable environment for microorganism not just to live in, but also rapidly proliferate. Over 3000 germs such as viruses, bacteria, food borne pathogens, general germs, mold, secretions, etc... can be found on the banknotes. Recent outbreak of Corona Virus, MERS, Ebola virus, New flu virus has made sterilization and disinfection of banknotes more important to prevent and control the spread of the viruses.

PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER - money sterilizing and disinfecting machine (banknotes and coins) to stop transmission of harmful viruses, germs, or bacteria.

PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER is the WORLD'S FIRST OPENED BILL STERILIZER which removes bacterial fine dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 SECONDS with sterilizer using Plasma Ion Cluster for the disinfection and sterilization in the air, instead of utilizing the existing UV ray or germicide methods.

The Plasma Ion Cluster money disinfection is 100% different from heating disinfection methods, ultraviolet disinfection methods and injection disinfection methods. It instantly forms more than 20 million high density ion clusters in 1 ㎤, eliminating all viruses and germs from the bills. Ensures quick sterilization upon counting the bills (20 sec- 98% / 30 sec - 99.9% Sterilization).

It is the World’s Only Patented Technology that can be used as Disinfectant and Sterilizer. Certified by Korean Institute of Chemical Fusion Testing, CE & ISO.

Plasma Money Sterilizer Functions: 

  • When counting bills, Plasma ion cluster penetrates between bills and sterilizes bills
  • Applied HEPA filter to remove fine dust (PM2.5) on bills
  • Tilted slot, ergonomic design - Easy to insert bills and monitor by camera
  • Automatic sterilization timer setting
  • High efficiency sterilizing design
  • PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER operates by auto recognition upon inserting bills
  • Built-in communication UTP and POWER line
  • Low maintenance cost

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The Ultimate Active LED Road Safety Warning Triangle that has been designed, developed, tested and produced exclusively in the UK.

Older passive warning triangles reflect the light from a motorists headlights, BriteAngle uses active LED lights, increasing the effective distance and time to be seen, helping to avoid a potential accident. BriteAngle’s flashing high-intensity LEDs can be seen upto 300m in all weather conditions, day & night. Sturdy & Stable in winds of upto 45mph and can be assembled in seconds.


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BriteAngle Product

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Body Space Logo

Body Space product

Body Space

Body Space offers professional slimming equipment, designed and manufactured in Poland. New technology exercising machines, which help to burn more calories in less time with smaller effort by using innovative methods: VacuTherm technology, Infrared technology (I-R) and Lymphatic massage Body Roll Shaper.

The combination of VacuTherm technology with cardio training (walking, cycling) allows to achieve results in much shorter time. After entering the special capsule the body from the waist down is tightly closed, and during the walk or cycling a vacuum is created. All this allows better blood supply to the lower parts of the body, which speeds up the metabolism and, consequently, fat burning.

The action of infrared radiation causes the body to expel not only water, but also fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds, mobilizes the defense forces of the body, and strengthens the immune system.

Another innovative technology is body roll IR equipment designed for lymphatic massage to provide effective stimulation to the lymphatic circulation. The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to body’s ability to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins & foreign substances and maintain a healthy immune system.


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Emergency Protection

In emergencies, the most critical consideration is the response time. Emergency Protection masks are specially designed and packed to be used with utmost comfort, without disturbance in daily activities.

Certified personal respiratory protective devices manufactured in the UK and intended for evacuation in emergency situations involving smoke and hazardous fumes.


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Emergency Protection Logo product

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Vizshock product


Visual shock self-defense Non-contact Non-Lethal LED Deterrence Red & Blue Pulse Technology developed in the UK. VizShock patent pending non-lethal non-contact pulse technology flashes high intensity red and blue strobe beams at different frequencies and causes over stimulation in the sensory input. Compared to single frequency single color strobe lights, this induces stronger discomfort and more confidently triggers and aversion response for personal protection. It provides crucial time for bearers of the VizShock to assess and manage an encounter when the assailant is disoriented. It allows the bearer to exercise self-defense and assert control of an encounter more confidently and in a non-lethal, non-contact manner.

VizShock offers both the intense red and blue pulse mode and a cool white beam mode with the convenience of in-device charging. This makes VizShock the ideal choice for both trained individuals and homeowners as a self-defense, deterrent device in low light situations.


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First chargeable lamps in the world. German high quality and precision.

Environment-friendly, explosion proof LED lamps for use in various industries such as fire department, military, emergency services, oil & gas, outdoor / recreation, etc... Available as angle and flexible head safety lamps, hand and helmet torches, headlamps, working lamps with emergency light function, waterproof up to 5 m, rechargeable and with low power costs. Suitable for explosion zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22.


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NEBO is one of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. Ever changing, and never compromising, they carefully take their product through the entire process – from concept, to manufacturing, to the end consumer. Their greatest reward is the satisfaction of millions of consumers who continue to buy and love NEBO products.

Made compact…NEBO Pocket lights are designed to be super lightweight and compact, whilst remaining as bright as their larger NEBO brothers and sisters.

Made powerful…Using advanced optics and patented LED technology, NEBO flashlights maximize energy efficiency to produce a powerful beam of light.

Made waterproof…Ready for any weather condition, NEBO selection of waterproof lighting is Ingress Protection Rating (IP) certified, ensuring the quality and durability of the products.

Made rechargeable… Because lighting technology advances so quickly, NEBO stays ahead of the game by building rechargeable functions into a lot of newer products, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.


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WaSH Innovation

WaSH Innovation was founded to create small, lightweight, durable, water-saving, comfortable devices for maintaining hygiene in difficult conditions at an affordable price. WaSH Innovation is working on devices providing access to running water (for hygiene) in all conditions: HandyShower, HandyShattaf and CampTap.

HandyShower solution is the only portable, multi-functional 3-in-1 personal hygiene system. You can switch between the three different functions just by changing the nozzle: it can be used as faucet, shower or bidet. The self-closing valve can be operated manually or by pedal, which is a distinctive quality among available portable bathroom solutions.

HandyShower is the perfect solution for everyone who needs access to running water no matter the circumstances. Additionally, it helps to conserve water, solves the problem of access to running water & basic sanitation, serves as fast help during disasters: earthquakes or blackouts.

HandyShower is a valuable device in the conditions of humanitarian and natural disasters, can be used as an element of emergency kits in earthquake-prone areas.

It is very useful as an outdoor equipment: for camping, trekking, survival, festivals, for pilgrims and backpackers, in the military camps/bases in the remote areas

The devices work thanks to gravity: No pumps | No electricity |No tools for assembly



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