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Inherent Premium Face Mask with Anti-Bacterial Odor-Resistant SILVERbac Technology

ANTI-BACTERIAL and ODOR-RESISTANT - SILVERbac technology inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria in mask. SILVERbac technology embeds food grade, pure silver particles into the base polymers of these fabrics imparting oligo-dynamic effects of silver to inhibit growth of odor causing bacteria. This effects are within the fabric itself and is permanent for the product's lifetime.

LAB TESTS - INHERENT™ has been lab tested by the manufacturer for ASTM E3160 by ResInnova Laboraties, which tests for antibacterial qualities and ASTM F2101-19 by Bureau Veritas, which tests for bacterial filtration efficiency.

KNITTED, NOT WOVEN - Knitted fabric has subtle stretch and drape for extra comfort and fit.

THREE LAYERS - Triple fabric structure for high 3-micron filtration.

REUSABLE - Anti-bacterial properties do not wash off even after repeat laundering or long term use.

When the 2020 crisis put every mask in short supply we were just happy to get our hands on any mask we could find.
But then came the ear aches, fogged glasses, masks slipping off the face, and fabric masks so dense a vacuum cleaner couldn't get air through it.
INHERENT™ Triple Knit Face Mask with SILVERbac is made by textile experts with silver antimicrobial and odor protection that never washes off.


For those full days at the office, long haul flights, commutes, meeting friends and family, going for a walk outside, or a full blown workout.
Tailored to facial contours and movements, the INHERENT™ is built to fit any activity. With SILVERbac's added technology the mask stays fresh and continuously eliminates bacteria and removes odors.




  • Typical masks accumulate smells and odors after a few days of use. This does not happen with the INHERENT mask built with permanent silver antiodor protection that prevents buildup between uses. Crafted by textile experts with attention to every detail.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Made with our special ultra soft knit blend, 3D designed to fit facial contours with a natural 4 way stretch for as you move and talk.
  • SILVERbac TECHNOLOGY - Pure silver embedded in the fabric protects the mask from odors and never washes off. Innovative new textile technology that changes the way we use daily accessories.
  • BREATHABLE - Breathe through the mask, not around it! Designed carefully to allow airflow through the mask with snug edges so air does not flow through the sides. Special knit construction allows better airflow than tight wovens for less huff & puff.
  • REUSABLE - Developed for daily use with durable stitching and fabric and the silver tech to assist. Machine washable with air dry.
  • ADJUSTABLE - Resizable over ear loops can be adjusted as needed with sizing slider along the straps.
  • NOSE WIRE - Built in flexible nose piece for snug fit over the nose and to help resist fogged glasses.
  • AIR TRAVEL & COMMUTING - Use for long-duration flights, daily commutes by subway or bus, and/or as an event mask such as concerts or sporting events.

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SBM Plus

SBM Plus SAFETY CLEAN series is Japanese innovative technology. Every product is made of natural materials. It powerfully eliminates toxins & purifies the air. It is Eco-friendly, reliable & effective, useful & long lasting and simple to use.

324 Eco Pure - all-purpose spray formulated with the latest photocatalytic technology. 2 x oxidizing power of chlorine, but Eco-friendly. The only choice for quick disinfection & deodorizing. Oxide artificial light catalyst: applying artificial light catalyst to the oxidizing agent brings about a dramatic improvement in oxidative power and speed of effectiveness.

324 Eco Fresh - not just an air freshener. Accurately absorbs & purifies harmful substances such as formaldehyde & acetaldehyde, which cause sick house syndrome. 72 times more powerful than activated charcoal. Just place in places of concern such as inside the vehicle, in the bathroom, lockers, shoe racks, pet cages, etc... for powerful deodorization.



SBM Plus logo

SBM Plus product picture

SBM Plus

World's First Hydrogen Mg Powder Combination H2 Shampoo Bar. Main Ingredients is Hydrogen Mg Powder and it is patented.

Also contains 19 natural ingredients such as Aloe, Kelp Extract, Grape Seed Oil, Rosemary, Nettle, Sunflower Seed Oil, Gardenia Florida, Citrus, Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia, Charcoal, etc..

Hair Loss and Skin Ageing are mostly caused by clogged pores. Hydrogen Shampoo Bar helps to open the pores of packed scalp and skin and makes hydrogen, which is the main component of this product, penetrate and neutralise harmful active oxygen, which is the main cause of skin diseases and ageing.

Benefits of the Hydrogen Shampoo Bar:

  • This product contains hydrogen equivalent to 36 bottles of 500cl size (1.6 - ppm saturated hydrogen water);
  • Hydrogen combines with harmful reactive oxygen in the human body to turn into harmless water and antioxidants;
  • Prevents oxidation of scalp and skin, opens and cleanses the pores;
  • Moisturises the skin;
  • Compensates for necessary oil and maintains flexibility;
  • Keeps skin and scalp healthy and sebum controlled;
  • Suppresses dandruff and itching.


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Bluetaction Cold Plasma Air Sanitisers

Effective Air Purifier for Indoor Air Sterilization. With Innovative Cold Plasma Technology.

Eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 viruses and their mutations, fungal spores, and odours in real time. Also reduces germs on the surfaces.

Designed and manufactured in Germany.

What is Cold Plasma Technology?

Plasma is so called fourth state of material in addition to solid, liquid and gas. Cold plasma is a conductive mixture of ionised molecules. Only electricity and ambient air are needed to produce cold plasma. There is no waste material to be disposed off. Cold plasma efficiently eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and odour molecules.

Bluetaction Cold Plasma Air Sanitiser

  • Patented Plasma Technology
  • For rooms upto 40 m2
  • Dimensions of the device: 21cm x 21cm x 7cm
  • Standing, Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted
  • With double fan
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for schools and educational institutions, fitness and sport facilities, hotels and restaurants, offices and retail outlets, etc...
  • Low Consumption - 6W
  • Whisper - quiet
  • Easy to install






Bluetaction Cold Plasma Air Sanitiser

  • Patented Plasma Technology
  • For rooms upto 90 m2
  • Dimensions of the device: 21cm x 21cm x 68.5cm
  • Standing type
  • Touch operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for schools and educational institutions, fitness and sport facilities, hotels and restaurants, offices and retail outlets, fairs and events, etc..
  • Low Consumption - 14W
  • Whisper - quiet
  • Portable, no installation required

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Luxury Hands Cold Plasma Hand Sanitiser

Hand Hygiene Revolution with Sustainable Innovation - Cold Plasma based Sanitiser

Luxury Hands Hand Sanitiser disinfects hands easily, safely and quickly. It eliminates up to 99.99% of germs in just 15 seconds, so that hands no longer pose a risk of infection.

Made in Germany

Luxury Hands Hand Sanitiser bears the quality seal of "Made in Germany".

99.99% disinfection: Results from accredited German laboratories prove the 99.99% effectiveness based on EN 1500.

Patented hand disinfection of the future: Luxury Hands hand sanitiser is described as the "cornerstone of tomorrow's hygiene concept". It is the world's first hand disinfection device that uses cold plasma technology in conjunction with atomised water. The hand sanitiser is a must have for any progressive customer to whom hand hygiene is important.


Luxury Hands Hand Sanitizer only uses pure water and electricity for complete disinfection. The hand sanitizer is fully functional without a drop of alcohol.

Soft hands: The perfect mix of pure water and plasma creates the feeling of soft and delicate hands.

Dry disinfection experience: The perfect mix of pure water and plasma ensures a dry experience immediately after use.

Pleasant smell: After the disinfection process, the hands smell fresh and pleasant.


With the reusable water bottle, we serve the core components of sustainability.

Economic sustainability: Reusable Storage Tank System. A full tank offers more than 1,000 disinfection cycles at an average cost of 0.04 cents per use.

Ecological sustainability: The refillable water bottle in combination with up to 1,000 disinfection cycles leads to significantly less plastic waste.

Social sustainability: Use of Luxury Hands Sanitizer promotes health, safety and wellness.


Innovative Technology

Cold plasma
Plasma is an ionized gas - the so-called fourth state of matter which follows after solid, liquid and gaseous. Cold plasma resembles a gaseous mixture of low energy ionized molecules and electrons. Only electricity and ambient air are needed to produce cold plasma. There is no waste material to be disposed of. Cold plasma eliminates bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores and odor molecules effectively. The hand sanitizer generates the cold plasma itself.

In the hand sanitizer, aerosols are generated from pure water. The aerosols are made up of tiny particles that cover the entire hand. The cold plasma-aerosol mixture is so effective that it even reaches the areas between the fingers, under the fingernails and the space between the jewelry and the skin.

The entire disinfection process is alcohol-free. Only electricity and pure water are required for disinfection. The pure water is characterized by a very low level of pollution. The water is nebulized into healthy aerosols.

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Plasma Money Sanitizer

Banknotes are made of paper and fiber which is a favorable environment for microorganism not just to live in, but also rapidly proliferate. Over 3000 germs such as viruses, bacteria, food borne pathogens, general germs, mold, secretions, etc... can be found on the banknotes. Recent outbreak of Corona Virus, MERS, Ebola virus, New flu virus has made sterilization and disinfection of banknotes more important to prevent and control the spread of the viruses.

PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER - money sterilizing and disinfecting machine (banknotes and coins) to stop transmission of harmful viruses, germs, or bacteria.

PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER is the WORLD'S FIRST OPENED BILL STERILIZER which removes bacterial fine dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 SECONDS with sterilizer using Plasma Ion Cluster for the disinfection and sterilization in the air, instead of utilizing the existing UV ray or germicide methods.

The Plasma Ion Cluster money disinfection is 100% different from heating disinfection methods, ultraviolet disinfection methods and injection disinfection methods. It instantly forms more than 20 million high density ion clusters in 1 ㎤, eliminating all viruses and germs from the bills. Ensures quick sterilization upon counting the bills (20 sec- 98% / 30 sec - 99.9% Sterilization).

It is the World’s Only Patented Technology that can be used as Disinfectant and Sterilizer. Certified by Korean Institute of Chemical Fusion Testing, CE & ISO.

Plasma Money Sterilizer Functions: 

  • When counting bills, Plasma ion cluster penetrates between bills and sterilizes bills
  • Applied HEPA filter to remove fine dust (PM2.5) on bills
  • Tilted slot, ergonomic design - Easy to insert bills and monitor by camera
  • Automatic sterilization timer setting
  • High efficiency sterilizing design
  • PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER operates by auto recognition upon inserting bills
  • Built-in communication UTP and POWER line
  • Low maintenance cost

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Body Space Logo

Body Space product

Body Space

Body Space offers professional slimming equipment, designed and manufactured in Poland. New technology exercising machines, which help to burn more calories in less time with smaller effort by using innovative methods: VacuTherm technology, Infrared technology (I-R) and Lymphatic massage Body Roll Shaper.

The combination of VacuTherm technology with cardio training (walking, cycling) allows to achieve results in much shorter time. After entering the special capsule the body from the waist down is tightly closed, and during the walk or cycling a vacuum is created. All this allows better blood supply to the lower parts of the body, which speeds up the metabolism and, consequently, fat burning.

The action of infrared radiation causes the body to expel not only water, but also fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds, mobilizes the defense forces of the body, and strengthens the immune system.

Another innovative technology is body roll IR equipment designed for lymphatic massage to provide effective stimulation to the lymphatic circulation. The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to body’s ability to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins & foreign substances and maintain a healthy immune system.


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Gentos UT-1000M - The most Powerful LED Flashlight with beam distance of 1034m | Hybrid Type | Dust Proof | 1m Water Proof (IP67) | 1m Impact Resistance.

Amazing Features:
Reflector Type: Reflects the light and condenses the beam forward.
Switch Lock
Battery Indicator
Charging Indicator
Side Switch

LED type: 1 x Chip type white LED
Light Output: 1100lm (Max Mode)
Battery type: 7.4V 2,600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery or 3 x C Alkaline Batteries
Charging Time: 6h
Battery Cycle: 300 Cycles
Run Time: 1.5h (Max Mode) / 6h (High Mode) / 14h (Mid Mode) / 24h (Eco Mode) / 8h (Quick Flashing)
Lighting Technique: Wide Beam
Beam Distance: 1034m
Dust Proof & 1m Submersible (IP67)
Impact Resistance: 1m Drop
Size: φ89.8 × 265.0mm (φ3.54 × 10.43in)
Weight: 835g (29.5 oz)
Accessory: Storage case, Shoulder Strap, Rechargeable Battery, A type AC Adapter (2m / 2.19yd Cable)
Optional: Dedicated Rechargeable Battery (Model Number: UT-218SB)


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NEBO is one of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. Ever changing, and never compromising, they carefully take their product through the entire process – from concept, to manufacturing, to the end consumer. Their greatest reward is the satisfaction of millions of consumers who continue to buy and love NEBO products.

Made compact…NEBO Pocket lights are designed to be super lightweight and compact, whilst remaining as bright as their larger NEBO brothers and sisters.

Made powerful…Using advanced optics and patented LED technology, NEBO flashlights maximize energy efficiency to produce a powerful beam of light.

Made waterproof…Ready for any weather condition, NEBO selection of waterproof lighting is Ingress Protection Rating (IP) certified, ensuring the quality and durability of the products.

Made rechargeable… Because lighting technology advances so quickly, NEBO stays ahead of the game by building rechargeable functions into a lot of newer products, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.


Available through

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Geofire Fire Door Holders

Fire door holders operate using a magnet, which holds the door open. In the event of a fire the magnet is released and the door closes.

As fire doors should be kept closed to prevent fire or smoke spreading throughout a building, this can cause problems in buildings where there is a lot of movement of people e.g. education establishments, care homes, hotels.

Rather than illegally wedging open fire doors (which have automatic closers fitted) to ease access, fire door holders will safely hold open a door and release it in the event of a fire.

The trigger for the magnet releasing is a fire alarm; the fire alarm will communicate differently depending on the mechanism you use. Hardwired systems are actually wired into the building’s fire panel. In the event of a fire, the power supply is withdrawn and the magnet releases. Therefore, the door will also close in the event of power failure, meaning they are fail safe. Hardwired systems require an electrical engineer to install them. The radio systems are category A compliant, as defined by BS7273-4.

Types of Door Holders

A door holder will help you comply with the Equality Act 2010 with regard to the provision of disabled access. Geofire designs and manufactures a range of Acoustic, Radio Controlled or Hard-wired fire door holders.

Hardwired systems are actually wired into the building’s fire panel. In the event of a fire, the power supply is withdrawn and the magnet releases. Therefore, the door will also close in the event of power failure, meaning they are fail safe. Hardwired systems require an electrical engineer to install them. The Geofire hardwired systems are category A compliant by BS7273-4.

Radio systems connect wirelessly to a controller via radio signals. This controller is mains powered and easily wired into the existing fire panel and therefore does not alter the building infrastructure. In the event of a fire, the controller is triggered into alarm mode by the fire panel and signals the holders to release. The Salamander radio systems are category A compliant, as defined by BS7273-4.

Acoustic systems are a cost effective plug and play type solution, which listens for the fire alarm. Geofire’s acoustic solution, the Agrippa range, is the first of its kind on the market; it listens and learns your specific fire alarm releasing the magnet when it hears a particular sound. This differs from others on the market, which release the magnet on hearing any loud noise. This significantly reduces false activations. The Agrippa range can be fitted by anyone; it involves fitting the unit and keeper plate to the wall behind the door and performing a learn procedure. The Agrippa acoustic systems are category B compliant, as defined by BS7273-4.

Benefits of Geofire Door Holders

  • Reduced costs of up to 90% and minimal inconvenience during installation.
  • Restriction free movement around the building in line with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • The fire door life is prolonged because the system is designed to leave the doors in the open position and is far less susceptible to damage from trolleys and wheelchairs
  • It is a fail-safe system with all doors closing in the event of the fire alarm sounding, radio or power failure including low batteries
  • Fully tested and meets the very latest British Standard BS 7273 Part 4


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