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Powertraveller’s range of portable chargers utilises the latest innovations in rechargeable battery and solar panel technology to produce a range of highly efficient, performance-rich portable power products that are widely recognised as the number one portable power brand in the outdoor, adventure and military markets.

Powertraveller is one of the first solar charger manufacturers to begin incorporating MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology into the products. MPPT technology maximizes the solar panel’s efficiency for any given weather conditions and in low light conditions, this technology improves efficiency by up to 60%.

Powertraveller has developed a rechargeable battery, an Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) that is compatible with any household plug; a battery that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only can it be recharged but it is made from ultra High-Density Lithium Polymer. The result is lighter and far easier to recycle than the heavy lead battery equivalent.



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Solar Smart Product

Solar Smart

SolarSmart is a unique waste collection system operated completely with solar power. It has a substantial amount of user/owner friendly features, that can be chosen and tailor made for the client, such as: solar powered; opening of flaps is completely touch-free; with smart LED lights; two compactor units that use two standard wheelie bins (2x240L); 6:1 compaction ratio that can swallow app. 2400 L of waste; level sensors with SMS - the device sends out a SMS when the bin is almost full; easy to empty and keep clean.

SolarSmart is clean, hygiene street view, due to the easy-to-use “No-Touch”, economic and ecological waste collection system. Designed and Developed in Finland.

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