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MP Filtri is a worldwide leader in the field of hydraulic filtration equipment. Whether it's a portable, in-line or sampling application, MP Filtri has a wide range of contamination monitoring products.

Did you know that between 50 - 70% of hydraulic failures are due to dirt in the lubricant (contamination)? How much down time do you lose with hydraulic failures which affect your clients and your business, even a short shut down of equipment due to failure can have a huge cost... Why not reduce this risk by checking the equipment before use, a 10 minute pre use check can save hours of shut down due to hydraulic failures. Not only do you save system failures, you also extend the life of the equipment.

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Metaris is a recognized global leading provider of high quality hydraulic and power transmission components servicing the mobile and industrial markets. Metaris has extensive portfolio of replacement hydraulic pumps (piston, vane, gear) & Power Take Off products, manufactured in Canada.

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