PARKERS New Zealand spring water has recently been awarded ESMA Certification. PARKERS New Zealand water is Artesian Water. Artesian water refers to watercourses that flows and is naturally filtered underground. PARKERS New Zealand Water is packaged and produced at source in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. PARKERS New Zealand water is captured at a place where is it has been naturally filtering for an estimated 250,000 years, which is why it is has such a great taste and texture. The measure of a waters natural purity is its TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS). PARKERS New Zealand water has a total TDS of 86 ppm which is amongst the lowest of any packaged water in the world. Some international waters are measured in the 1000's of ppm, so less than 100 is actually extremely rare. Further, PARKERS New Zealand Water is alkaline at 7.6 pH.

Still or sparkling water in unique packing: 5L & 10L bag in the box, 330ml cans and 350ml/500ml/750ml/1L bottles


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