FuelActive® solves fuel contamination issues at its source: within the fuel tank. The patented FuelActive® unit replaces the standard pick-up pipe and only picks up the cleanest fuel in the tank. This is achieved by utilising a floating pick-up pipe to draw fuel from the upper level; leaving water and sediment behind at the bottom of the tank. FuelActive® seeks to eradicate fuel related breakdowns due to the engine being presented with the cleanest fuel available. Reduce component replacements by increasing the life expectancy of expensive components such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps and fuel filters Reduce machine downtime and maintenance by avoiding blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps, keeping machinery in production for longer. Reduce harmful emissions by burning cleaner fuel. Improve fuel efficiency by presenting fuel injectors with contaminant-free fuel, helping to preserve the injectors’ integrity and allows for efficient burning of fuel.


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Fluid Rx Diagnostics is a patented radial planar chromatographic analysis tool that provides a measurement of additive depletion, the fluids dispersant properties and the level of sludge or debris in a lubricant. This product is developed and manufactured in the USA. In a matter of minute, Fluid RX Vital Fluid Analysis provides service advisors and technicians with the tools to identify and show customers the true condition of their vehicle vital fluids. This gives your customers the information they need to make informed decisions on the fluid preventive maintenance of their vehicles and say "YES" to your recommendations. Fluid Rx Diagnostic products increase ticket averages and bolster customer retention by identifying needed fluid services. Spot Test Kits provide testing and analysis for all major foreign and domestic vehicles including OE proprietary fluids and all major variation of transmission and power steering fluids.