Passenger Vehicle Induction Loop:

The KTP Passenger Vehicle Induction Loop (PVIL) is a specially designed low power induction loop system to aid the hard of hearing. Independent research has shown that the use of induction loop systems makes conversations with hearing aid wearers easier and more relaxed.
The KTP PVIL is one of the lowest power consuming induction loops on the market, utilizing “run cold” technology and consuming just 3.6W,  excessive heat build-up is eliminated thus reducing any potential fire hazard associated with some vehicle electric systems.
The PVIL system operates 24/7 without involving staff. The red indicator light confirms power to the unit and the green light which flickers in relation to speech levels confirms that all is well and audio is being transmitted by the system. Hearing aid wearers seeing the sign just need to select “T” switch position on their aids. It is recommended to wire    power connection through the vehicle accessory circuit as there is no need for the system to be powered when the vehicle is not in use and the need to remember to turn it on when the vehicle is in use is eliminated

​​FIRE SMS is a fire alarm service for deaf and hard of hearing people, that informs deaf or hard of hearing people when the fire alarm sounds in a public place like a supermarket, shopping centre, hotel and library. It helps service providers and employers comply with the Equality Act 2010 and Dubai Design Code (clause 7.12 page 144) that is currently being implemented and calls for major improvements in facilities for people with disabilities, including enhancement of Hearing Systems, to manage fire emergency situations more safely and efficiently  and to allow deaf and hard of hearing people freedom to move around buildings without the worry of missing an emergency alarm
Unlike pager systems, FIRE SMS allows deaf or hard of hearing people to use what they already have with them, a  mobile phone

Hearing Induction Loops and Fire SMS Alert Systems from Uk

Dubai Design Code (clause 7.12 page 144) calls for major improvements in facilities for people with disabilities, including enhancement of Hearing Systems. A hearing enhancement system (such as an    induction loop, FM or infrared) is required to communicate with hard of hearing persons and shall be provided in the following types of buildings: meeting rooms, auditoriums, service counters, theaters and concert halls. A hearing enhancement system enables sound signals to be transmitted to persons using hearing aids without interference from background noise or excessive reverberation level.
In all meeting rooms of over 25 people, in all assembly areas and at service counters, a hearing enhancement system shall be provided. Hearing enhancement systems that operate using induction loops, infrared and radio frequency are commonly used to provide enhanced level of sound. Expert advice should be sought when selecting a hearing enhancement system appropriate for the situation and purpose. Where hearing enhancement systems are provided for persons with hearing impairment, the international symbol of access for hearing loss shall be provided. Hearing enhancement systems are compatible with language translation systems. A sign should be posted indicating that the enhancement system is available

KTP Microloop is currently being used in many businesses including Retail Outlets, Hotels, Leisure Facilities, Theme Parks, Council Buildings and Financial Institutions. The KTP Microloop uses advance noise cancelling   circuitry to filter out low frequency background noise, thus enhancing speech clarity for the hearing aid user.  The KTP Microloop is a  specially  designed ‘small area’ induction loop for restricted transmission and  privacy. 
Typical areas of use are cashier points, reception areas, enquiry and customer service desks. The hearing aid wearer within approximately 1 m radius of the KTP Microloop System will hear what is being said clearly.  Outside that area, no other hearing aid wearer will be able to hear the conversation.
The KTP Microloop provides the hearing aid wearer with a better clarity of sound with reduced background noise so they will have a greater chance of understanding what is being said

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Topland has been awarded
Best Industrial & Construction Equipment Supplier 2019
United Arab Emirates 

The Main Benefits of Hearing Induction Loop:

  • Clearer, more relaxed conversation
  • The ‘Privacy Area’ gives greater confidentiality
  • Conversations are unaffected by security screens
  • Reduces the need to repeat word
  • Advanced noise cancelling circuitry
  • Easy to self-Install
  • Extremely low power consumption

Why Fire SMS is so great!

  • Easily installed with no fuss
  • Tests itself weekly to check everything is OK
  • Only one FIRE SMS is needed for each fire panel
  • Unlimited range, as long as you have signal you get a message
  • Socially responsible
  • Tamper proof antenna
  • No pagers to issue or manage
  • Visitors can discreetly use the system without having to ask
  • Unlike similar SMS systems Fire SMS stores all data, phone numbers etc in the system memory

Fire SMS Evacuation Alert Systems 

Hearing Induction Loops  

The Main Benefits of Portable Hearing Loop:

  • Fully portable which reduces the need for cabling, making it cost effective and can be used in any room
  • Addresses the needs of multiple hearing aid wearers in a meeting or lecture room environment
  • Provides sound and clarity up to 50 meters
  • FM Microphone/Transmitter features a unique technology that increases the available sound level
  • Reduces unwanted background and peripheral noise
  • ​Can be used in adjacent rooms (on separate RF   frequencies) preventing “signal bleed” encountered with fixed room loop systems