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AFT Trenchers manufactures a wide variety of trenchers for civil engineering, cabling contractors, designed to work on golf courses, sports fields and amenity surfaces. 

Air Compressors & Accessories / Air & Spiral Hoses/ Automatic Hose Reels / Compressed Airline Installations / Filters, Reducers, Lubricators / Inox / Pneumatic Air Tools  / Quick Couplings & Adapters / Spraying, Blow, Washing, Tire Inflating, Sand Blasting, Sound Proofing Guns/ Guns for Salants

The ​BrightAngle LED Warning Triangle has revolutionised roadside safety, and is the highest quality, most reliable warning triangle available for all road users. Its LED powered lights can be seen from up to 300m away day or night, can withstand winds of up to 45mph and can be assembled in seconds.

State of the Art Fitness & Wellness Equipment: Cardio Treadmill / Vacu & Infrared  ProfiTreadmill / Vacu & Infrared Stepper / Vacu Upright Bike / Vacu & Infrared Recline Bike / Vibra Vibration Platform / Body Roll / Collagen New Age 

Instantaneous Water Heaters, decentralised, electrically powered warm water systems that are energy efficient, installed at each point of use.


Horizontal Directional Drill is the only drill you need for installing utilities in difficult and congested areas. Light, powerful and cost effective with amazing thrust and pull back power​

Emergency Protection Escape Masks are certified personal respiratory protective devices intended for evacuation in emergency situations involving smoke and hazardous fumes​

Vital Fluid Analysis & Instant Lubricant Diagnostics - Fluid Rx Diagnostics is a patented radial planar chromatographic analysis tool that provides a measurement of additive depletion, the fluids dispersant properties and the level of sludge or debris in a lubricant.

The patented FuelActive® unit replaces the standard pick-up pipe and only picks up the cleanest fuel in the tank. This is achieved by utilizing a floating pick-up pipe to draw fuel from the upper level; leaving water and sediment behind at the bottom of the tank

The Golf Skate Caddy is a new personal golf transport product that’s revolutionizing the way we play and think about golf

Solar Smart waste collection systems  

Ō Pure Water is 100% natural artesian water with soft taste and natural blend of minerals, supplied direct from the aquifer in New Zealand, untouched by mankind.

Portable Power and Solar Chargers  - Award Winning Outdoor & Adventure Products, Back-up Business Travel Products 

​​SBMplus 324 Eco Products is Japanese innovative technology. Every product is made of natural materials. It powerfully eliminates toxins & purifies the air. It is Eco-friendly, Reliable & Effective, Useful & Long lasting and Simple to use.   

Street Clocks & Interior Clocks

Vizshock Visual Shock Self Defense Non- Contact Non-Lethal LED Deterrence Red & Blue Pulse Technology


Our Principals

Topland General Trading Products

Our customers benefit from Topland's wide portfolio of well recognized world-wide, international brands  

​Heavy duty trenchers are ideal for cutting the narrowest trench size possible, thereby improving operational productivity and reducing costs of back fill materials and labour.

For operating air tools on production lines; cutting and welding equipment; painting vehicles in an auto body shop; sanding in an auto body shop or in woodworking; for entertainment uses; using pneumatic nail guns for roofing; providing dental and medical services; using pneumatic drills and hammers on construction sites; powering various air tools in an automotive repair shop; using an air blowgun to clean machinery; sandblasting in a machine shop and manufacturing facilities

The MotoBrite ​is a product specifically designed for motorcyclists, it fits directly onto the back of any motorcycle using a universal bracket that replaces the standard sized number plate. ConeBright Mounting Bracket  is a unique bracket to attach the BriteAngle securely to the top of any standard traffic cone. 

Fitness Club equipment, Health & Rehabilitation Centers, Spas & Beauty Parlors, suitable for Individual use 

Instantaneous water heaters prove to be economic solution as they only heat the amount of water that flows through the unit. The user is able to enjoy warm water immediately without waiting, and resolutely avoids standing heat losses in the supply line. ​

For installing underground services such as fibre optic broadband, gas, power and other services. Directional drillers, bank stabilisation, drain layers, plumbers, civil works, roading contractors and traffic light installers are all using EasyDrill

Emergency Protection Escape Masks provide users with short-term respiratory protection against smoke and Carbon Monoxide inhalation, and is tested against CO, HCl, HCN and Propenal. 

Service Facilities that have added Fluid FX Vital Fluids Analysis experienced as much as 300% increase in fluid services within the first 90 days. This has also proven to booster customer loyalty and retention: showing Vital Fluid Analysis test results builds trust and confidence in your fluid recommendations; Provides service advisors much more confidence in obtaining customer approval for needed service; Increases ticket averages, and at the same time bolsters customer loyalty & retention.

FuelActive® is a robust yet flexible solution in dealing with fuel contamination which makes it suitable for a vast array of sectors: Construction & Mining / Transportation / Military / Power Generation / Marine

Golf Skate Caddy is good for the game and great for the golf facility. 
Play faster and better with direct path to your ball and more time for pre-shot routine / Reduce maintenance costs with less wear and tear on the golf course / An alternative to sitting golf carts increases the appeal of a golf facility to a wider range of golfer demographics / Stop discounting rounds to add low margin play / Add more fun to your facility and make more profits.​

SolarSmart is a waste collection system operated completely with solar power. The main benefits are: Clean, hygiene street view, due to the easy-to-use “No-Touch”, economic and ecologic waste collection system

Ō Pure Water is supplied in 5L & 10L Boxes. Boxed water is long lasting and purity assured, as it's completely sealed from light and air to stay fresh, pure and cool; better pallet efficiency, reduced transport costs  

​Solar & Battery combination chargers that provide a hefty amount of power for users when they need it most. These chargers feature both a 12V DC output - suitable for charging bigger devices such as SLR cameras and tablets, a 5V 2A USB output for smaller devices such as smartphones and GPS systems PLUS a bi-directional USB-C socket - meaning you can charge the very latest devices utilizing USB-C charging.
These charging options make Powertraveller chargers a front-runner in portable power technology and capability and give users the freedom to roam wild.​

324 eco PURE, 324 eco FRESH & 324 eco COAT - used for general bacteria & odor removal, pet smells, kitchen waste, table wiping, Norovirus prevention, public toilets (bacteria, odor), kitchen bacteria, oil & grease cleaning, clothes stains removal (coffee, blood, fruit juice, etc…) 

Variety of elegant freestanding clocks, sometimes referred to as Pillar Clocks, Street Clocks and Post Clocks / Tower clocks & Turret clocks / Automatic Winding Clocks / Solar Powered Clocks / Public Sculptures & Public Art / Interior Clocks

​​Vizshock offers both the intense red and blue pulse mode and a cool white beam mode  and it is the ideal choice for both trained individuals and homeowners alike as a deterrent device in low light situations: Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Teams, Armed Forces, Homeowners