The MP Filtri GRF 302 mobile filtration unit provides the perfect solution for the maintenance of lubrication oil and hydraulic fluids in off-line filtration applications. With a versatile and compact design, it is used to pre-filter, transfer or condition hydraulic fluids from existing circuits to new ones or to clean existing ones during oil changes, filling and flushing, also removing any residues of water.

Summary technical details for the MP Filtri GRF 302 are:

  • Flow rate 30 L/min
  • Max operating pressure 5 bar
  • Electrical motor: 110V single phase, 240V single phase and 415V 4 phase if continued use is required
  • Delivery line – visual indicator with combined electric cut-out switch
  • Nitrile seals
  • Flexible hoses – 2 m long, suction and outlet
  • Heavy Duty trolley & wheels
  • Water removal options available
  • Suitable with In-Line Contamination Monitor
  • Available ex-Stock Dubai on First-Come First-Served basis
  • Price is on request