January 2021 – Topland becomes Exclusive Distributor in the GCC region for AVRT Training LTD.

ADAPTIVE VR TRAINING LTD (AVRT) is a leading virtual reality company, providing virtual reality-based training platform for emergency services. The AVRT training platform is designed to manage any kind of scenario or decision-based training with an initial focus on armed confrontation for Police officers and similar roles. The AVRT training platform have been demonstrated to over 70% of the UK’s Police Firearms organisations over the 18 month development process and was aided by collaboration and feedback from over 1,000 Police officers and Firearms Trainers, the College of Policing have also been consulted on the development.

Utilising the latest cutting edge virtual reality technologies, the AVRT platform allows users to face realistic virtual scenarios and provides interactivity with the scenario characters within the realistic 3D environments. The free-roam system has a 3D modelled conductive electrical device that mimics the behaviour of a real device. The AVRT virtual reality-based training platform provides organisations with the ability to train for situations that would otherwise be logistically challenging or cost prohibitive.

Under the terms of the agreement, Topland is the exclusive distributor for the AVRT software and hardware products and services in the GCC region. Topland partnered with AVRT Training LTD to present latest virtual reality-based training platform, to enable local emergency services to employ best international VR training practices that can be adapted to local content.


AVRT Training LTD