​from AED 475/-

AED 4,700/-

AED 4,450/-

AED 7,500/-

AED 4,250/-

AED 50/-

​from AED 5/-

​from AED 125/-

MP Filtri ​ICM IC0NMKRG1 In-line Contamination Monitor, pressure max. 420 bar, automatically measures & displays size & quantity of particulate contamination

MP Filtri GRF3021M149S Off-line Mobile Filtration Unit 

MP Filtri GRF3022M149S Off-line Mobile Filtration Unit 

MP Filtri GRF3023M149S Off-line Mobile Filtration Unit

​​Webtec ​CT150-MA-B-B-6 Turbine Flow Meter 

Webtec CT300-B-B-6 Turbine Flow Meter

Webtec HPM4000 series Hydraulic Data Logger, highly versatile entry-level portable, ideal for pre-dispatch inspection, preventative maintenance and simple diagnostic fault-finding

Smart Cover Automated Car Cover, folds & unfolds automatically, comes in different sizes for different car models 

FourGroup Control Panels  

PA Instrumentation Pressure Gauges , upto 0 - 200 Bar Pressure 

Blago High Pressure Compression Fittings, Carbon Steel 

AED 3,175/-

AED 9,650/-

AED 4,700/-

Terms and Conditions of Sale:

​* - Valid till 31st of December 2017

* - First come first serve basis, subject to availability in stock

*  - 100% Payment on Delivery / Collection

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