Topland General Trading has received a nomination in the 2018 UAE Business Awards, hosted by MEA Markets Magazine.

 the UAE Business Awards is a prestigious program. It is a badge of honour, a stamp of excellence. Now in its second year, the acclaimed UAE Business Awards aims to celebrate the talent, who have worked tirelessly to provide some of the best products and services in one of the largest and influential business regions in the world.

The awards are an opportunity to honour the enterprises and individuals who make this region constantly bursting with new and exciting business opportunity and one of the globe’s fastest developing markets. Every year, the very best of the UAE’s business market step forward to have their tenacity, vision and planning acknowledged.


  • Composed of two main parts: a heavy-duty, aluminum, wrench-style head and a quick-latch, adjustable, torque-assist device
  • The wrench-head adapts to any 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” wing union – no matter the condition
  • The wrench-style design provides efficiency in make-up and break-out applications due to the even distribution of the impact load on all three union lugs
  • The wrench-head design allows for even torque on all three lugs of a wing union allowing the union to seal properly
  • The SSWS’ innovative handle design provides a quick-latch, extendable feature — 14” to 22” in length — allowing the user to adjust the length of the handle based on the space available and the torque necessary
  • The SSWS provides an efficient, adaptable, and safe alternative in making-up and breaking-out 1502 connections

LUX S10 Smart Line designed by Luxtower, latest avant-garde lighting tower, lightweight and handy, using latest LED technology and the best materials available in the market. LUX S10 stands out for performance, compactness & solidity, able to compete with bulkier lighting towers equipped with a traditional 1600W halogen system

Advantages & Applications :

  • LUX S10 is a totally silent and environmentally friendly lighting tower: It consumes 70% less energy than a 4X400 halogen lighting tower
  • Produces 36,000 lumens
  • The floodlights can be rotated up to 360°
  • Can be used both externally (IP65), even at high  temperatures, or in indoor environments
  • Various units can be easily transported with a small van, thanks to an ultra-compact design
  • Once installed, it takes a small area
  • Ultra-light weight of just 65 KgGalvanized metal body strong and durable


  • Minimum dimensions [mm] - 441 X 441 X 1440
  • Maximum dimensions[mm] - 2053 X 2363 X 4332
  • Weight - 65 Kg
  • Rotation - 360°
  • Maximum wind stability - 110 Km/h
  • Lifting system – Vertical telescopic mast with manual air pump
  • Stabilizers – 3 adjustable
  • Floodlights - 6 X 50W adjustable
  • Type - LED
  • IP level - 65
  • Lumens – 36000 lm
  • Operating temperature - -30C° to +45C°Rated voltage - 230V/50Hz

Super Safety Wrench System (SSWS)  

Lighting Towers 

The Superior Safety Wrench System (SSWS) is part of the next generation of union products aimed at eliminating the use of sledge hammers in the makeup and break-out of high-pressure, temporary flowline connections. The SSWS is also a more adaptable, accurate and cost-saving option for both land and offshore operations.

Use of the SSWS will not only improve efficiency, but improve safety ratings for users. The SSWS is revolutionary to the oil and gas industry because it eliminates the risks and dangers of sledgehammer use, such as injuries from swinging sledgehammers using poor form, holding a target while it is being hammered, releasing sledgehammers midswing, and fragmenting due to a worn out sledgehammers or targets.The development of such a tool demonstrates Superior’s dedication to cultivating a safety-minded culture for the benefit of the industry.
The SSWS has been thoroughly tested internally with input from major oil and gas companies. The testing process included 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” 1502 union components torqued with SSWS, then pressure tested to Cold Working Pressure (CWP) for qualification. Wellsite testing was performed using 2” 1502 components torqued with SSWS, then pumped 7BBL of fluid at 3000psi over three days of testing resulting in passed tests with no leakage. Extensive, external field tests were conducted on 2”- 4” unions. The SSWS passed all tests.