Topland General Trading established in 2012 and located in the United Arab Emirates has quickly established a large client base due to the high quality & competitively priced products it has within its product portfolio used in the majority of industries in the Middle East. With excellent support from its Suppliers located in Europe & the USA and with strong support from its agents across the GCC, Topland is able to meet most requirements from its clients in a timely and professional manner

Our customers range from General Trading Co's, major OEM's to Main Oil & Gas service providers such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Hunting, Weir SPM. For the aviation industry, we supply Kuwait Airlines & for the construction industry, we supply Khansahab, Wade Adams, ECM, Sparrows & many more.

​​Topland Quality & Services LLC 


Topland General Trading has a range  of products for  the construction /  Aviation / Automotive /  Hospitality  Industries. We also are the main  purchasing Co for a number of our  clients in Dubai &  Oman due to our  contacts around the globe for most  products


 Suppliers and coverage:

  • Easy Drill NZ - Underground drilling systems GCC

  • Bamax  Italy - ​Air Compressors​ GCC

  • Opure NZ - Boxed Mineral water GCC 

  • Luxtower Italy - Light towers Oman / Bahrain / Saudi Arabia     

  • HFS Star Equipment Ireland - Fitness equipment GCC / Egypt / Lebanon / Iraq      

  • FuelActive Uk - Fuel pick-up system ​MENA 

  • Power Cover - Automatic Smart Car Cover

  • GSC US - Golf Skate Caddy Stand-up Gold Cart MENA

Topland General Products

* Power Cover - Automatic Smart Car Covers are now available in stock in Dubai subject to prior sale.

Please contact: for further information and quote. 

Topland Quality & Services

​​Topland General Trading LLC 

Topland Specialist Products

New product added to Topland Portfolio recently: 
The GSC Golf Skate Caddy is gentler on the course, quieter than a traditional golf cart, more decadently decked out than most cars.

It is so-easy-to-drive and it’s super fun!

The GSC is engineered to carry a single player, plus a 20 kilogram, 10-inch (25cm) diameter pro-golf bag for up to two rounds of 18 holes on a grassy surface (or 50 km on concrete pathways) before it needs charging. 

​Topland specialises in Hydraulic  testing equipment /  monitoring  equipment / pressure transducers /  gauges /  chart recorders / Hi pressure fittings / pneumatic power  packs / booster sets / pressure washers



 Suppliers and coverage:

  • Webtec Uk - Flow Meters GCC

  • Blago Germany - Hi pressure fittings GCC

  • MP Filtri Uk - Contamination units GCC

  • Resato Holland - Hi pressure testing UAE

  • Stauff Germany - Pipe clamps UAE

  • Aircomp Italy - Pheumatic fittings GCC

  • Finelok US - Hi pressure fittings GCC

  • GP 50 US - Transducers GCC

  • Blue Ribbon​ US - Gauges GCC

  • CleanEx​ Uk - Pneumatic washer GCC

  • Stiko Holland - Chart recorders GCC

  • Drillereye Italy - CCTV systems UAE / Oman / Bahrain

  • Metaris UK - Replacement pumps UAE / Oman / Bahrain

  • Speck Germany - Pumps Africa​


Topland Quality & Services​ provides  a full after service for our Webtec  & Resato  products.

For  Resato, we have a fully trained and  certified Technician 

Topland calibrates gauges /  transducers &  chart recorders up to  4200 Bar and has a  mobile " on site facility " for gauges, etc... up  to 1,000 Bar